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Antimony Trioxide
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Antimony Trisulfide
Property: Antimony Trisulfide:It is also called Antimony Sulfide H .S code: 2830.9020 Molecular Formula:Sb2S3; Molecular Weight:339.68; Melting Point:550 Centigrade; Boiling Point:1080--1090 Centigrade;Hardness: vHB2-2.5;Density: 4.64g/cm3.

Antimony Ingot
Antimony is one kind of non-ferrous metal, silvery white solid with polish and crisp character. There are two allotropes: Yellow anamorphosis is stable under 90 centigrade. The stable form of antimony is metal anamorphosis. Melting Point: 630 oC, Density 6.62g/ cm3.Poor calorific conduction.
Application: As the alloy hardener, it is used in metallurgy, accumulator, and war industry etc.It is also the raw material of antimony oxide.

Antimony Glycolate
Property:White crystal pellet, flavorless and non-toxicity, easy to deliquesce in damp air and excellent solubility in ethylene glycol.
Molecular Formula: Sb2 (OC2H4O) 3
Molecular Weight: 423.66

Sodium Antimonate:

White powder. Specification: (NS-I)
Application: Mainly used as flame retardant.
Packing: 25Kg in WPP Bag or as customer's requirement.

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