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Quality Control for each Working Procedure
1. Distinguish raw materials strictly and inspect all kinds of harmful elements in antimony ore firstly.
A. During the production process of Antimony Ingot, we will respectively do the operation of getting rid of arsenic.lead and any other impurities, if the harmful elements in raw materials are higher than standard level. It is mainly applied to Flame Retardant Antimony Trioxide Production.
B. If the harmful elements in the raw materials come to standard level, it is can be applied to produce Flame Retardant, Passivating Agent, Clarifier for porcelain and Antimony Trioxide for both fluorescent powder and plastic.
C. If the harmful elements can be controlled within 500 PPM and other heavy metal contents can be controlled within 100 PPM that the raw materials can be applied to produce Catalytic Antimony Trioxide.
2:Production Process Control for Antimony Trioxide
Main Principle:
The new blow-in the furnace should be needed of prepurging by low purity raw materials and then start to produce slap-up&"FIVE Star"products and prepare production successively. Once the harmful elements of arsenic, lead, copper, iron, and bismuth accumulate to some extent, we will carry through sewage disposal again and again.
{For detailed operation please refer to the attached sheet No.1 )
3:Catalytic Antimony Trioxide:
The next operations of crystal form, activity, particle size and whiteness should be carried out in UHF plasma
4:Dust-Free Antimony Trioxide:
According to different customers'requirements we use distinct grades of antimony trioxide as raw materials and add DOP, DIDP or CP as wetting agent respectively.
Mixed in blender for about 30- 40 minutes. The mixing time can be determined by mixing speed and wetting agent proportion (3%-5%).

According to our Quality Management System we are firm in debasing grade and returns back to furnace for reproducing the unqualified products. It is strictly prohibited for the unqualified products leaving factory.
Vocation: We would rather losing purchase orders than brand, reputation and customers.
The Quality Management Department explores and summarizes the distinct quality stipulations for different applications from all industries, the raw materials for our production and heavy metals.


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