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  • -Antimony Scraps
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  • -Metal Slag
  • -Copper Materiels

    Metal Mix up materials


       The subsidiary companies of our Group possesses professional technical teams, sufficient ground and ability of building new production line anytime to process all kinds of non-ferrous Mix up materials and complicated metal Mix up materials. We purchase all valuable materials such as all sorts of non-ferrous metal, minor metal, noble metal materials.

    1. Purchasing condition:
    (1).large quantity or can supply regularly.
    (2).the material that couldn’t be processed by smeltery in other countries.
    (3).the valuable material not purchased by others.

    2. Purchasing categories:
    1.Mix up materials containing W,Li,Be,Ga,In,Re,Se,Ge,Te,V,Neb,Ta,Sc
    2. Mix up materials containing Au and Ag, materials containing Ru,Rh,Pd,Os,Lr,Pt, Mix up accelerant and catalyst.
    3. Mix up ore that is difficult to be dealt with from concentration plant.

    3. Note:
    It's not allowed to mix flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and radioactive materials into metal Mix up materials.
    The impurities on the surface of metal Mix up materials should be cleaned.

    Inspection and acceptance
    The inspection for metal Mix up materials could be consigned to the third party for inspection (such as AHK, SGS, and ALEX STEWART), the seller should guarantee that the quality must conform to the stipulation of the contract.

    Transportation and Storage
    The different batch of Mix up materials during transportations shouldn’t be mixed.


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