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The average content of antimony is 0.5x10-6 or 0.2x10-6 in the lithosphere (Thaler ,1964) 0.62x10-6 (Litong ,1976).Antimony content is less than carat gram value in magma rock, nearly to carat gram value in acidity rock;antimony assemble to mud rock in sediment rock , adhere in aluminium dust mine (1.9x10-6~2.3x10-6),phosphor ash rock (1.2x10-6), black shale (300x10-6),coal (30x10-16) and coal ash (200x10-6).

There are more than 120 kinds of antimony mineral and related concentrated material in the nature ,ther are 4 main forms ,viz,(1) Natural compound and metal interchanged material such as natural antimony ,arsenic antimony mine.(2)sulphide and vitriol ,such as zinkenite,sulfur-copper- antimony mine ,sulphur-antimony-iron ore ,zinkenite mine ,black-copper mine .cartwheel mine,boulangerite ,crisp boulangerite,inclined boulangerite ,sulphur-antimony-silver mine ,argentite antimony mine ,argentite antimony -lead mine ,sulfur-Hg-silver antimony mine ,sulpur-oxiden antimony mine (3)halide or related halide materials such as :chlorine-oxiden-lead antimony mine (4)oxide ,such as antimonide,yellow antimoide ,antimony ochre,antimony autunite ,water antimony autunite .square antimony mine .

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