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Antimony is a silver white metal ,acid-resistant material under normal temperature,specific gravity:6.68 ,melting point :630.5°C ,boiling point :1590°C, of crisp and anti-corrupt character .

Antimony have been the important material for alloy which will increase rigidity so it is also called hardener for both metal and alloy.In the beginning, antimony and antimony related material can be used as war alloy ,press letter alloy and ammunition industry .With technical development it is widely used as flame retardant which applied in porcelain enamel ,glass ,rubber ,dope ,pigment ,chinaware,plastic , semiconductor component ,firecracker,medication and chemcial products .

Main raw materials for antimony smelting are zinkenite,square antimony mine,antimonide and other 10 kinds of antimony mineral materials. With abundant resource ,reserves ,output (antimony ore and antimony metal ) export quantity ,China has played an important role in the world.

There are more than 120 kinds of antimony mineral and related concentrated material in the nature ,there are 4 main forms ,viz,(1) Natural compound and metal interchanged material such as natural antimony ,arsenic antimony mine.(2)sulphide and vitriol ,such as zinkenite,sulfur-copper- antimony mine ,sulphur-antimony-iron ore ,zinkenite mine ,black-copper mine .cartwheel mine,boulangerite ,crisp boulangerite,inclined boulangerite ,sulphur-antimony-silver mine ,argentite antimony mine ,argentite antimony -lead mine ,sulfur-Hg-silver antimony mine ,sulpur-oxiden antimony mine (3)halide or related halide materials such as :chlorine-oxiden-lead antimony mine (4)oxide ,such as antimonide,yellow antimoide ,antimony ochre,antimony autunite ,water antimony autunite .square antimony mine .

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